Vegan in Amsterdam

Hi everyone! I've just got back from a short weekend in Amsterdam and thought I'd write a quick post about some of the amazing vegan food that I had while I was out there. I arrived late on Friday and left in the afternoon on Sunday so I don't have much to report - but [...]

Amsterdam 2018

In February (bit late, I know) we packed up our toothbrushes and headed over to Amsterdam. Here are some of the images from a long weekend filled with red wine and churros.  Seriously, ten million churros. If you want to eat the best burger you'll ever have, go to Vegan Junk Food Bar, it is [...]

A positive spin on 2016 (if you can believe it)

I feel as though 2016 will be known as the devil year for a very long time. So many terrible things have happened in the past 12 months, I'm unable to keep count of them. I found myself lost in thought on a train a few weeks back and started to think of positive things [...]

Things that you could be doing instead of scrolling through Social Media

I am a self-diagnosed Instagram addict. I just want to confess here and now that if I know you, I have stalked your Instagram account. I have been 80 weeks back into your life, I have hurried to unlike an image I’ve accidentally double tapped and then hoped that you would never mention it. Heck, [...]