WEIRD – July 2019

Can you IMAGINE my surprise that I'm actually doing another addition of WEIRD? I'm very proud of myself too. If you haven't already, go check out what I got up to in June... it's riveting.  July has been really fun; I've been buying furniture, eating loads of great food and seeing pals. Here are some [...]

My 2018 Book List

In 2017, I had set myself the goal of reading a book each month of the new year and much to my surprise, I actually did it! Reading has always been something that I've enjoyed, ever since a desperate longing to be Matilda from a young age so it’s been wonderful to focus more of my [...]

Things that you could be doing instead of scrolling through Social Media

I am a self-diagnosed Instagram addict. I just want to confess here and now that if I know you, I have stalked your Instagram account. I have been 80 weeks back into your life, I have hurried to unlike an image I’ve accidentally double tapped and then hoped that you would never mention it. Heck, [...]