26 things you’ll understand if you’re still obsessed with Harry Potter

I just want to preface this by saying that a few weeks ago I listened to the philosopher’s stone soundtrack whilst on a flight – staring out of the window, trying not to sob. It was perhaps the best thing to happen ever. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.


Harry Potter is without any shadow of doubt, one of my favourite things to have ever existed. It fills me with so much happiness that it’s actually weird. Luckily I’m not the only one – so I compiled a list of things that my fellow Potterheads will understand (luv u guys let’s play Quidditch sometime soon yh?)

  1. You still worry about the chance that you’re a squib,

    I just couldn’t live with myself…not that squibs are any less important #equalityforall

  2. Or that you’re letter never made it to you,

    Living everyday holding onto the knowledge that Voldemort’s ministry deleted all muggleborn records between 1985-1998. That must be the only reason, right?!

  3. Years later, the deaths of certain characters continue to ruin your day,

    A lot of great people died okay, I don’t even want to think about it. 

  4. You’re baffled when people don’t know what house they’re in,

    Do us all a favour (and let me know your results.) I’m a Hufflepuff, sure you’re dying to know.

  5. You re-read the books once a year

    & it is a perfectly acceptable use of your time!! 

  6. You will always have a deep rooted hatred for Peter Pettigrew.

    He was their friend. And he betrayed them. HE WAS THEIR FRIEND. 

  7. If the chance came, you would drop everything and be a mature student at Hogwarts.
  8. You’ve accepted the fact that you’d spend extortionate amounts on a toilet brush if it had the Hogwarts shield emblazoned on it.
  9. Nothing brings you more joy (or jealousy) than seeing someone experience Harry Potter for the first time.
  10. No franchise will ever compare!

    Yeah Lord of the Rings is great and everything but where’s Sirius?

  11. It still hurts to think that the series ended (but you accept that it was time to let go)

    Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts just isn’t the same really, let’s be honest.

  12. And when somebody says that they preferred fantastic beasts:

    giphy (1)

  13. You may have spent a year week or two doing absolutely nothing but playing Pottermore in bed.

    Why is it so addictive JK, why?

  14. Whilst people around you scoff at a friend that owns a wand you’re screaming “WHO’S WAND? WHAT’S THE CORE MATERIAL?”
  15. You spend hours watching “12 things you never noticed about Harry Potter” videos, only to be disappointed that you learnt nothing new.

    giphy (2).gif

  16. You shamelessly listen to the soundtrack and have maybe forced friends to play it at the pub. GuiltyEmoji

  17. You’re still waiting for the day that somebody buys you a Hogwarts uniform,

    You even make incredibly subtle hints about it in blog posts.

  18. You constantly find yourself thinking about spells that would make your life 100x easier,

    Particularly accio.

  19. Now that you’re a real life adult you can’t help but have conversations about how complex Harry Potter is.

    The underlying messages about racism, class hierarchy and government corruption make it a true gift to literature.

  20. You still feel an overwhelming sense of joy reading the words “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.”
  21. All of your future pets (and children) have already got Potter themed names.
  22. You’re still kept awake at night by some of the best things that were left out of the films…

    Where was Peeves? Where was Harry giving the twins his tournament winnings? Where was S.P.E.W? Why was there no mention of Ron winning the Quidditch cup? Where was Voldy’s back story? WHERE WAS THE UNVEILING THAT RITA SKEETER WAS AN ILLEGAL ANIMAGUS?! I’m calm, I’m calm. Get prepared for this to be a separate post of anger.

  23. Some of the character portrayals in the films deeply, deeply upset you.What happened to Ginny Weasley?

  24. “Aren’t you a little old to still be into Harry Potter?” 

    giphy (4).gif

  25. Harry Potter has been the bonding moment between you and some of your best friends,

    Will taking Harry Potter quizzes and discussing which character you relate most with whilst ignoring all of the muggles at a party ever get old?

  26. You know that even when you’re 52, you’ll pick up a Harry Potter book or walk through a place that looks vaguely like Diagon Alley and be filled with warmth and fuzziness, thinking about all of the happiness that JK bought you (thanks gal.)4aa391051958b3ef60ba7780e0466a8aTwo_Pink_Hearts_Emoji

giphy (3).gif



A positive spin on 2016 (if you can believe it)

I feel as though 2016 will be known as the devil year for a very long time. So many terrible things have happened in the past 12 months, I’m unable to keep count of them. I found myself lost in thought on a train a few weeks back and started to think of positive things that have happened to me this year and without meaning to brag, it really hasn’t been THAT BAD. In many ways, this year has ruined me. So much has happened and everything in my life has changed. Thankfully, some of the events of 2016 have been fantastic and it’s always better to focus on the positives. So here are some of the nicer things that happened to me during this Black Mirror year…

I left England for the very first time,

Sadly, until I was 21 years old I’d spent my entire life in the UK. For years I’d been desperate to get out but time, money and a fear of the unknown held me back. It wasn’t until February of this year that I finally hopped on a flight to Budapest. I was what can only be describe as a fear-ridden zombie walking through the airport, I cried on the plane, the air hostess had to calm me down. It was all very embarrassing, particularly after ten minutes in which I realised flying is nothing to be worried about, if anything it’s pretty boring. Not to mention, the Hunger Games is hard to enjoy when you can see a woman in your peripherals praying you won’t have a panic attack.

I stepped off the plane expecting the air to feel different, inhaled deeply and my nose filled with the stench of fuel. In the same holiday I travelled over to Vienna; went ice-skating, fell and cut my head open. I had to get stitches and acted as though they were amputating my leg. It was definitely a holiday for firsts.


I decided to try out veganism…

…and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I finally have a healthy relationship with food and I feel so much better in myself. It may sound silly because for many people veganism is simply not eating animal products but I feel as though it changes your everyday life, it’s inspired me to be healthier and aware of what I’m putting in my body (unfortunately meaning I’m also more aware of all of the bad stuff!) Veganism has undoubtedly had a positive impact on my life and has introduced an abundance of fantastic food into my very accepting tummy (I love you tofu scramble, never leave me.)


I got published by Cosmopolitan,

Fast forward to April and I had my first internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine. It was quite literally a dream come true and the entire experience was unreal. Particularly when they decided to publish my work! If you fancy having a nose at it, click here.


I faced many fears, 

When I started University I was hit with a crippling angst and for years I purposefully avoided events, activities and people. I dodged absolutely everything I could, whether it was the dentist or simple activities like swimming. .

This year I entered in the sea for the first time since I was 8 years old, I went to one of the biggest (scariest) waterparks in the world AND I even visited the dentist without crying. I know that these are simple everyday tasks but after years of not even being able to be myself in a room full of my friends – I’m so proud of where I’m at.
I spent a FANTASTIC weekend at Boomtown with my pals,

I’d just returned home after spending 4 years away from Rugby and drifting away from so many of my friends. Being able to spend time with them at arguably the best place in the world was unreal. I’m pretty sure I’ve never laughed as much as I did throughout the course of that weekend.
I travelled around Italy with my best gal, 

I’m still in shock that we stuck to a drunken plan, I had been dying to go to Italy since seeing the Lizzie McGuire movie in 2003 and it was even better than I could have imagined. The food was everything. It was undoubtedly one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen and spending time with Jen after a year of living apart was perfect. I literaly think about it every single day, if you ever see me looking at my phone, I’m not contacting anyone, I’m looking at pictures of food from Italy (okay food from everywhere, but they are the closest to my heart.)


I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

and it was AMAZING. Still not over it, probably never will be. I really want to write more about it but I don’t want to be the person who spoils it for you. Nobody deserves that.


My blog had it’s year-aversairy

I can’t believe that I’m still posting on this blog nearly a year and a half later. I remember sitting in my third year bedroom, terrified for the future and itching to get some of my angst out. Furiously typing with no idea of where I was going with my babble. I like to think it’s gotten better over time but I’m probably far too self-critical. The main thing is that even though I post every once in a blue moon and spend half my time berating myself for failing to write anything – I’m still here and people are still reading what I have to say. This makes me a very happy person and hopefully in the New Year I will stop neglecting my little blog and develop it further.


I think it’s easy to dwell on the harder times in our lives, it’s simpler to get frustrated with what we can’t change and accept that everything is crap. But I truly believe that if we all took five minutes out of our day to think about the brilliant things that happen in our daily lives, we’d all be much happier people.

Happy New Year friends, here’s hoping it’s a good one!


Simple Ways to Improve an Awful Day

Happy 1st Birthday Blog, you’re a great way for me to channel my thoughts about how strange humans are and beat myself up on a daily basis about not posting on you enough. Check out my first blog post if you fancy reading about how great Uni was…and how terrified I am about real life adulting.

I’ve had one of those days. I woke up late, I crammed myself onto a sweaty tube and glared at every single person that got in my way and sat at work dreaming of going on holiday. More often than none, “one of those days” turns into one of those weeks and I spend far too long moping and questioning every little thing in my life. HOWEVER, I have had an epiphany, I have spoken to the gods, I have become enlightened. Well, I’ve just decided to stop being a grumpy mare, but I may as well have found some new and interesting spirituality, right? Probably not.

Either way, I’m trying to be that lovely and positive ray of sunshine that you meet every now and then. You know, that person that you imagine having some deep rooted rage because NO-ONE can be that pleasant. (It’s going really well so far.) I decided to bestow my unreliable words of wisdom upon you once more, with some suggestions about how to improve a bad day.

PLEASE go to Cookies and Scream, it’s everything to me and more.


I’ve said it before and I will definitely say it again, sometimes all you need is a large pizza, a tub of ice cream and a side of tacos (vegan, of course.) Listen to that little piggy in your brain, eat the burrito, eat the fries, EAT 30 OREOS. You are liberated. Embrace the sugar!

Nourish yo’self

On a completely opposing note, sometimes I get that feeling that my body is decaying and my pores are actually filled with hummus, you know? In this situation it’s probably best to get all of the vegetables and make the most comforting and lovely meal imaginable.


Yes it’s my answer to everything. But it’s been my go to 15 YEARS. It’s the nicest activity and I’ll preach about it until I’m 80.

Call your pal 

Sometimes all you need is a catch up with a friend. Call your buddy and talk absolute nonsense with them for a few hours. You’ll forget why you were even annoyed, I’m sure.

Photo Credit: The Mary Sue

Watch Bob’s Burgers

In my lightheaded enlightened state I nearly wrote about watching informative documentaries, learning about new things and taking some time to appreciate how astonishing our planet really is. Of course this is all well and good but we all know that when everything is naff and you hate the world, ya girl Tina is the only thing that’s gonna make you feel better (and Gene. In fact, they’re all pretty great.)


Do some exercise! 

I say this all the time, I have a little voice in my head that is constantly telling me to do exercise BUT I NEVER DO. I know that it will improve my lifestyle, I know it’ll make me feel better when I’m lying in bed covered in Kettle Chips but I don’t do it. I probably never will. My point is, don’t make my awful mistakes, get out there and make your Instagram followers think you’re fit and fabulous.
Listen to your Happy Playlist

Whack all of the songs that you’d put on your all-time favourite playlist. All of the Chic, anything that causes your bum to wiggle when you’re not instructing it to do so. Make it as loud as possible and have a ruddy good sing along. I’m currently obsessing over this Courtney Barnett album, I’m sure you’re all dying to know.


Photo Cred: Tumblr

Be the Blanket

If all else fails, if you’re having a day from hell. Everyone sucks, you feel gross and you haven’t eaten anything nice. Then there is only one thing to do. Be the blanket, you are the blanket.


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8 of my Favourite Coming-of-Age Novels

I’m not sure what it is about teenage angst and romance that cheers me up on a dreary day but boy does it! I guess the main appeal is that they are so relatable and more often than none, have a happy ending. Anyway, I realised that a handful of my favourite novels are coming of age books and thought I’d eternalise my feelings about them here – in no particular order.

Of course The Perks of Being a Wallflower was going to be included in this post. I know everyone says this about the books they enjoy but I literally didn’t put this book down until I had read every last word – and then continued to sit in awe of what I had read, experiencing that horrid feeling of finishing a book which I can only liken to losing a friend. I was happy and full of optimism yet gutted that I’d never find out the next instalment. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and I feel as though sometimes it helps to board someone else’s and be assured that everyone has crap days but in the end you just have to keep plodding along.

about 1

About a Boy is the feel good story that everyone needs to read; two characters that are complete opposites coming together to improve each other’s lives without the foggiest idea that they’ve even changed their morning routine – until of course the end in which everyone lives happily ever after. Classic. This book seems to make the hormonal days of adolescence seem dramatic – not that they are of course, it is most definitely a time in which everything sucks and your parents are actively trying to ruin your life Whenever I read About a Boy I get an overwhelming sense of positivity and am reassured that everything will be a-okay!


Matilda is everything; a ton of books, cottages with gorgeous flowery gardens and gigantic chocolate cakes. Seriously, what more could anyone want? This book is particularly personal to me as I re-read it and watched the film around 4 times a week for about 6 years. (But I think I speak for many of the people in my generation when saying that.) Roald Dahl is a genius and so much of his work is brilliant – Matilda is just a personal favourite of mine.


I feel as if this is a bit of a cop-out but Harry Potter is excellent and that will never change! Opening a HP book takes me right back to being 11 years old and waiting excitedly for the next instalment, running straight back to my house to read it and refusing to do anything else – except texting my friends about how much I was crying about the death of Dobby and Fred of course. (and everyone else that very unfortunately lost their lives in the war against Voldemort. R.I.P)

I think I speak for every girl my age when I say that Georgia Nicolson just understood me and the difficulties of being 14. I’m so tempted to buy these books and laugh about the stories I used to love so much; feeling so mature reading about boys and god forbid – thongs. This whole series was just perfect and yes I did get very excited that the film was filmed in Eastbourne/Brighton.

Update: I have purchased the book and am full of excitement.


One Day is just lovely. I’m invested in the characters, I’m on the edge of my seat throughout, I am desperate for them to find happiness. It epitomises the struggles of a twenty something person trying to find their calling and fulfilment in the first decade of their adult life. It brings comfort that not everyone falls into a job straight outta Compton Uni and mystically lives happily ever after whilst reinforcing ideas of true friendship and cherishing the wonderful people in your life. I could read it a thousand times more with pleasure.


When reading Holes I am transported to a tiny grey classroom – in the midst of puberty surrounded by my closest friends – discovering that English is something I’d love to study. Covered in eyeliner and worshipping My Chemical Romance but happier than ever. Mostly for this reason it has made the list but it is a truly fantastic novel.


I know that this book is on every single one of these lists but there’s a good reason for that. I read Catcher in the Rye for the first time during my first year of University – the perfect time to read a book that’s filled with so much confusion regarding the future. I finished it in around four train journeys and felt close to Holden and much more carefree about adulthood and fulfilling the expectations of others. Catcher in the Rye may be mentioned a bit too much and is a popular favourite but it’s for the sole reason that it’s a bloody brilliant book.

So these are a handful of my favourite books, as well as being excellent tales I think they have bought me comfort at certain less than peachy times throughout the past 21 years. There are so many other books that follow similar themes that I’m looking forward to reading, holla at me with some suggestions and I’ll make sure I check them out.