What I’ve learnt from Dry January

*Short disclaimer: I drank three times in January, technically a failure but also still of an achievement – 3 isn’t 31 people! Okay, it was four.*

I can’t be the only person that has woken up at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, dribble down my face, a hazy memory of the evening before and a strong will to leave my own body. Manically googling jobs in Canada because the hangover guilt is so terrible that I never want to speak to anybody I may have seen again, right?

It’s no secret that Drunk Claire is ruining my life, so after the Christmas binge – I decided to embark on the daunting adventure that is Dry January. I’ve learned many things, most of which are trivial but also some important lessons that will stay with me in the future (we hope).


Here are the things I’ve been mulling over, in this DULL and HOPELESS month:

  1. I am offered an obscene amount of free alcohol – IT’S EVERYWHERE.
  2. I get drunk for the sake of it so often – Every Friday night I leave work moulding my plans around drinking. It’s been nice to wake up feeling fresh and actually be productive on the weekend.
  3. We’re all aware that drinking is expensive but nobody seems to mention the cost of a hangover! Pot Noodles, cheeky takeaways and cherry Tango add up you know.
  4. Breaking the seal is nothing compared to drinking two pints of water. This entire month has been a constant trip to the bathroom.
  5. With that being said, we drink an excessive amount of liquid during an average night out. In what world would you drink 6 pints of juice in the space of four hours? (Worried about exposing my binge drinking to the world – obviously, have never had 6 pints in one day😳)15032892_10154042472241662_2050351731904795784_n
  6. Cooking is more fun with wine and The Pointer Sisters. That is a fact.
  7. Hangovers have a much bigger effect than I’d ever thought. I found that I still feel horrendous on a Wednesday if I’ve been drinking Friday and Saturday and I’ve found a definite improvement in my sleeping pattern and energy.
  8. AND my mood. I’m sure many of you have had a grumpy moment during a night out or woken up in the morning hating absolutely everything about your life. I think we often forget that alcohol is a depressant and it does have negative side effects if abused.17498438_1323542611058619_209970759052647722_n.jpg
  9. I was excited about losing some weight with ease as this is supposed to be one of the perks of putting down the drinks. This didn’t happen, but with that being said – I have replaced drinking with eating great food 6 times a day soooo…
  10. Whilst we’re on the subject – I’ve realised this month that I am never going to go to the gym. This was my chance to finally step on a cross-trainer (or whatever it is that you healthy folk do) and I just didn’t. I’ll just stick to always choosing the stairs I guess.3.jpg
  11. Loads of TV shows revolve around dating. I’m putting this in here as I’ve spent a small sum of this month filling pub-time with The Naked Attraction, First Dates and One Night with My Ex. In hindsight, drinking is probably better for my health.
  12.  There is plenty of time in the day, I am just failing to be productive.
  13. When I have made it out to the pub, I’ve found that it really is no different. I just tend to sing ABBA slightly less.
  14. I’ve always thought that I’ve relied on alcohol for confidence and although I think this is absolutely the case in some situations, this month has given me the understanding that there are social situations in which I am completely comfortable sober. It’s reaffirmed my knowlege that there is no point in me getting blind drunk just to have fun – which is something that I will be trying my very best not to do from now on.
  15. I remember the first time I ever tasted vodka – I was convinced that I’d never drink because alcohol tastes RANK. I’ve found that this is no longer the case and I actually enjoy the taste of some alcohol. Particularly; red wine, prosecco and a chilled Red Stripe. (Check me out being so grown up)
  16. My final lesson has to be that January 2018 has lasted for ten months. I can’t be the only person that has been counting down the days of Jan and honestly, I don’t think it’s because I haven’t been drinking, it’s just a dreary month in general.

This has definitely been a positive experience, particularly as I’ve found it much easier than I thought I would. It’s a work in progress but it has improved my attitude towards alcohol which can only be a good thing. Alongside this, it has also urged me to try and keep trying to better my health and wellbeing where I can, so maybe you will see some gym selfies on the old gram after all.

I find that we have an unhealthy drinking culture in Britain, we’re encouraged to drink from such a young age and the idea that it is directly linked with having fun is instilled into us from the very beginning. I’m not saying that we should be alcohol free health nuts that eat hemp seeds and spend their weekends at craft fairs (actually me tho) but I think there could be great benefits from cutting down and improving our approach to drinking.

Make a change in 2018: tips for being waste free!

Often when we hear the term “waste-free” our minds wander to images of people that only eat food that they grow themselves, refuse to go into supermarkets and wear hemp clothes. Naturally, this isn’t the only way to be waste-free and you definitely don’t have to cut everything out immediately. Similarly to every other challenge that humans face, it’s a working progress.

I’m going to be making more of an effort to be waste-free wherever I can this year but I’m by no means there yet. There are so many small changes that can be made to improve the amount of waste we’re producing – so why not check some of them out and make a positive change today!

  1. Addicted to coffee? Buy a reusable cup.
    It became apparent to me a few weeks ago that I throw away around 300 coffee cups every single year, so I immediately purchased a reusable cup. They’re the exact same and most places give you a discount now for using them anyway – so it’s a win-win!
  2. While you’re there, grab reusable shopping bags and water bottles.
    It’s shocking how much we take for granted and throw away on a daily basis – purely for practicality. These are just a few of the minimal changes you can make to gradually become waste free.
  3. Shop at the Ethical Superstore.
    The Ethical Superstore have a number of great products for all aspects of life, designed to minimise waste.
  4. Use markets whenever you can!
    There are a number of benefits to using markets and green-grocers; you’re supporting small businesses, they’re often cheaper and many of them have products that aren’t packaged. Have you ever gotten home from the supermarket and realised that you’ve bought a sea of plastic back with you? Purchasing fruit and veggies in their natural packaging is a great way to combat this. It’s also a great way of reducing your food waste by only grabbing what you’ll definitely use!

    It’s worth noting that many supermarkets also have these options so you can continue to do this in your local chain – Sainsbury’s is particularly good when avoiding plastic.

  5. Cut out straws.
    Take a moment to think of the number of straws you use on a typical night out. Simply remove the straw or buy one that’s made of metal or bamboo.
  6. Paperless Billing -paperless everything!
    We’re living in a digital world in which everything is available online – switch your bills so that they’re paperless and avoid junk mail where you can. My only vito for this are books – because they bring me happiness in ways that a Kindle never can.

    However, if you’re not a sentimental weirdo like I am, get a Kindle!

  7. Recycle!
    Remember to recycle whatever you can – including lightbulbs, electronics and other items that may not be accepted in your local recycling bins.
  8. Buy secondhand.
    Try to purchase clothes and other essentials secondhand, although you may not be living a completely minimal lifestyle, at least you’ll be reusing perfectly acceptable products as opposed to contributing further to the exploitation of our resources.
  9. Switch up your toiletries,
    There are great zero-waste supermarkets places all over the UK that allow you to take in bottles to refill your shampoo, washing up liquid and many other household products that we often buy without thinking twice.

    Another great way of cutting down on this is using Lush products, their shampoo and conditioner bars are just some of their many fantastic, plastic free products. If you’re really committed to the cause, you could also make your own household items – but for now, I think I’ll stick to buying them ethically.

  10. Think about your period products.
    Naturally. it’s hard to ensure that your periods are completely waste free, however, there are steps you can take to ensuring they’re environmentally friendly. There are many options so if you’re thinking that mooncups might not be your thing – check out this link to find a range of sustainable period products.
  11. Repair things when they break!
    This is not only environmentally friendly but also economical: before jumping to chuck something out, check to see whether it can be fixed with ease, thus minimising the number of products you’re buying.

There are a multitude of other great ways that you can cut waste from your lifestyle, I’ll be giving these tips a go over the next month in the hopes of becoming waste-free and protecting our little planet in the future!

Let me know if you’re trying it too!


Vegan in Brighton

Veganism is often deemed a difficult lifestyle to follow, particularly when it comes to eating out and grabbing food on the go. LUCKILY, we have Brighton – a saving grace when it comes to vegan food. Brighton is rife with options and always has something at hand to help a hungry herbivore.  

Given that there are so many places, it would be tricky to write about them all at once, so I’ve carefully chosen my top places to eat in Brighton, as a vegan. I’m always looking for new places to go so comment down below if you have any other places I should try!  

Beelzebab at Hope and Ruin 

I’m aware that everybody talks about Beelzebab, but that is simply because it’s the BEST. If you’re a fan of vegan junk food, great beer and a quirky environment to chill in – this is the place to be. Hope and Ruin is also a brilliant pub with live music and fun activities such as Drawing Club 

Favourite dish: Chilli Cheese Fries all day every day.  

Happy Maki  

Happy Maki started at festivals across the country so I’d found them, three days into Boomtown, hating my life and desperate for sushi – and found heaven in their burritos. As you can imagine, I was very happy when I’d heard they’d opened a place in Brighton.  

Favourite dish: Rainbow Roll, perfect for detoxes – that are destined to fail.  

I also use the Wriggle app to get great deals at Happy Maki, (two sushi burritos for £8). This app is perfect if you’re obsessed with food but don’t have mass amounts of money to indulge. There are loads of great vegan options on there so I’d definitely recommend downloading and checking it out if you haven’t already – you can get two Glazed doughnuts for £2.50, tell me that’s not everything you’ve ever wanted.  

The Bok Shop  

The Bok Shop may not be fully vegan but their vegan options are out of this world! Amazing, flavourful and perfectly guiltfree.  

Favourite dish: Classic Vegan Burger and Fries.  


Again, I know that Purezza is popular for everybody and is often spoken about – but it’s SO good. With such an extensive menu of pizza, pasta, burgers and more – there is no wonder that it’s hyped up in the vegan community.  

Favourite dish: The Popeye – I love you vegan ricotta. Also, REALLY want to try the Couch Potato.  

Cornish Pasty Shop 

I feel as though there aren’t enough people that know about this absolute gem. There is nothing like walking around the Laines, vegan sausage roll in hand. They have a range of options for all pastries and sweet treats: including, peanut butter cups, peanut butter and caramel tart and an absolutely divine Oreo slice.  

Favourite dish: always the Vegan Sausage Roll.  

Pizza Me 

Pizza Me is the saving grace of Elm Grove (although I am also very eager to try The Admiral Arms). I walk past Pizza Me every single day of my life, desperate for some of their fantastic food. They have a good range of vegan options and all of them are amazing.  

The only slight issue with Pizza Me is that they don’t do individual vegan slices and sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to buy a whole pizza.  

Favourite Dish: ME Vegan Bangers – need to find out what sausage they use, it’s incredible.  

Deadwax Social 

I’m shocked that I’ve picked so many pizza options as my favourites – because I never used to rate pizza so much, I guess that reflects just how brilliant these places are!  

One thing that Deadwax impressed me with in particular was their extensive and clearly labelled menu – they have so many options for you whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a meat-eater. I got their Vegan Pesto pizza and it blew my mind. They are also available on Wriggle and I’m pretty sure their vegan pizza is £7, remarkable!  

Have you ever eaten something so good that Enya is playing in your head alongside every bite?  Yeah, that’s Deadwax.  

Favourite dish: Vegan Pesto, Mozarella, Caramelised Onion, Sundried Tomato, Tofu, Pine Nuts and Rocket. I know, right.  

As I mentioned before, it was so tough for me to pick just 7 places as there are so many I love, maybe I’ll have to do a part two! Let me know below what your favourite places to eat in Brighton are.  

2017 Highlights

I started 2017 throwing up on a train platform, not the best start to the year, I’m sure you can imagine. The beginning of 2017 was a really tricky time for me and I lost hope that anything was going to get betterIt makes me laugh to look back now and think of how much of a sad mess I was being, walking home listening to Adele and questioning if everything will be crap forever.

2017 quickly became a pinnacle year in my life that stomped all over the catastrophe that was 2016.

Here are some highlights that stand out in particular:

Moved to Brighton

I finally made the move back to Brighton, something that I’d wanted to do since leaving in 2015. This was such a great thing for me mentally and helped to gain perspective back on not only what was important but also finding happiness in my everyday life. If you’re ever in doubt about where you are and have a niggling feeling that you should migrate somewhere else, take the risk and do it.

Got THE job 

I don’t know about any of you fellow graduates, but leaving uni and finding a job that I actually wanted to do and would get paid enough money for was really tricky. I spent a lot of my time in perfectly adequate jobs that my heart just wasn’t in. Luckily this year that all came to an end and I found a brilliant job that encompasses everything that I want to do.


I left the country for the first time on me own and had the best time. Met some really great Canadian people and got to experience how beautiful Copenhagen is. I also re-read the Harry Potter series while I was there which is always great fun.

Loads of great gigs! 

This year was also really great for music as I got to see Kate Nash twice (the actual dream) Laura Marling and Cypress Hill. Alongside this I was also lucky enough to catch some other really great gigs like Gentleman’s Dub Club, The Darkness (lul) and Four Owls. I also went to my first psytrance rave which was an interesting experience.


Naturally Boomtown makes the list as always. Best weekend of the year, every year.

Milo entered the world!  

Probably the best thing to have happened all century was the birth of Smiley Miley. My best pals made a little human and he is the greatest person in the world. I literally never knew that I could love anything more than puppies but apparently it can happen.

Moved in with gals

I have been lucky enough to move in with my best pals and live the 14 year old, let’s-get-a-flat dream. We’re a little noodle-loving family and it’s great.

Scotty Woodcock 

I have also met my dorky equivalent who makes me laugh everyday. But I’m awkward and strange about relationships so I’ll just swiftly move on.

Hit blogging targets (but also abandoned blog) 

I’ve tried not to worry too much about numbers during the sub-par running of this blog, however my “26 things you’ll understand if you’re still obsessed with Harry Potter”  post got shared by The Common Room. Naturally this was huge and I cried in a library purely because they’d shared it. But with this came a number of people that allowed me to double my blogging targets for the year.

After this I neglected my blog terribly and haven’t looked at it for months, I don’t know why I’m like this either. As I say every year, I’m going to make a real effort to keep it going this year – and try and improve my visual content I promise. 

Identified personal issues & started working to overcome them

I’ve been reflecting on who I am and how I can overcome things that I’m less than happy with. This has led me to set goals and work towards improving myself throughout the year. Funnily enough a huge part of this will be practicing self-love so wish me luck with that.

I’m feeling hopeful for 2018 and what it may bring, no matter how much of a cliche that may be. I hope that you’ve all had a Happy New Year and are feeling happy and excited for the year to come!

Supporting somebody with mental health problems

Mental health problems are something that are so underrepresented in our society; there are many issues with the ways in which we view mental illness and particularly how we attempt to cure it.

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life or provide you with some miracle cure – as much as I wish I could. However I thought – particularly on World Mental Health Day, it would be a good idea to write about supporting somebody with mental health issues. It’s widely known that mental health problems affect one in four people – so I think we should be raising awareness so that we can all offer support for people affected by this.

Listen – but allow them to share as much or as little as they’d like:

Never underestimate the power of listening, often getting out feelings or providing somebody with an outlet for their thoughts can make a world of difference. It’s important however to remember not to push anybody for information or ask them anything they’re uncomfortable answering.

Don’t try and diagnose: 

Naturally it’s easy to form an opinion, particularly if you have knowledge in the area but unofficial diagnosis can be damaging so it’s probably best to steer clear from doing so where possible.

Equally as important, don’t doubt or hesitate about what anybody is saying:

Questioning a person’s honesty is never good – particularly if they’re struggling.

Discuss wellbeing and helpful methods of staying positive:

Sharing ideas for maintaining a happy and healthy mindset can go a long way! If you have suggestions for wellbeing techniques then share them, they may provide someone with help when they need it most.

Try not to make assumptions:

Similarly to diagnosis, it’s important not to make assumptions about the cause of any mental health issues or what will help somebody to overcome them.

Be Patient:

Be patient and remember that this is like any other illness and takes time to heal. Never use the words ‘mind over matter’ or anything even slightly similar. 

Keep social contact: 

Even if somebody is shutting you out or finding it hard to keep in touch, try your best to remind them that you’re there whenever they need you.

Just be there: 

Sometimes everybody just needs someone to be there. Don’t worry about saying or doing the right thing – just be around, whether that’s sitting in silence together or being on the end of the phone. Make it known that you’re there for support whenever it’s needed.

When writing this I found these resources particularly helpful and feel as though they can help others too – head to Mind, the Mental Health Foundation or ReThink if you want to find out more.

If you’re struggling with a mental health illness, I hope you can find comfort in the knowledge that there is always somebody to turn to. I think I speak for many people when I say that I am always available for a chat, whether we are best friends, complete strangers or simply acquaintances – nobody deserves to suffer in silence and I will make every effort I can to make every single person on this planet feel hopeful and loved.

Stop Eagerly Awaiting Friday

As a short disclaimer, I don’t intend for this post to be insensitive or ignorant towards anybody that may be struggling for any reason. If anything I hope to encourage happiness in all of you that do read this. 

As I’m sure many of you are aware after so much complaining, often on this blog; I’m at an annoying age in which I’m constantly questioning my next step in life. Never truly living in the moment or appreciating what I have and always worrying that I’m not doing enough, not seeing enough or that I’m not as far ahead as I should be.

A month ago I realised that I was overlooking so much that is brilliant in my life and is a cause for celebration everyday. So with this in mind, I decided to film a second from a blissful moment of each day for the month of September – so that I could finally see the joy in the little things and stop focusing so much on what ifs and worries.


I realise now that whether it’s a night with friends, a relaxed evening in or just seeing puppies in the street – there is happiness to be found in the smallest things & it is around us every single day.



to all of the broken hearted people

Heartbreak must be one of the worst things that a human can face, it’s an obscure feeling that completely consumes you. The person that has hurt you becomes everything, you see them in bars that you visited together, the mutual friends you share – their favourite breakfast option.

However, if you’re blissfully happy, you’re probably reading this thinking I’m an idiot. If there’s one thing we can be certain of it’s that we have all been there – and we have all thought that it would be the end of us.

LUCKILY because it’s so common to be dumped and depressed – there are many solutions to this problem. Often in the form of music, alcohol and if you’re sad like me, a lovely little poem. (If you haven’t already, check out Rupi Kaur, suddenly every piece of sadness you’ve ever felt will rear it’s ugly head and then magically dissolve away)

I’ve wanted to write something like this for a long time but was unsure that the tone would be correct, I think it’s always better to write things whilst reflecting on a situation, as opposed to in the heat of the moment. If you’re showing it to the public anyway.

So without further ado, here are my words of wisdom – my break up cheat sheet, if you will:

Find an album that you can relate to and listen to it as often as you like

If nothing springs to mind right now, borrow mine. Made of Bricks has gotten me over every crush, boyfriend and particularly upsetting deaths of favourite TV characters in the past 10 years. Get on board, you can never listen to Foundations too much.

But don’t forget these equally brilliant options – if you need to fuel your emotions. If you need a reminder that you’re a sassy Queen.

Spend as much time as you can with your friends & remember that they’re only trying to help you 

Naturally you’re going to feel upset when they are saying that the person you love isn’t worth your time, but you must remember that they’re your people and have nothing but your best interests at heart. AND in two months you’ll be agreeing with them.

Stop looking through old pictures, obsessing over memories shared and questioning what went wrong

You’re not helping yourself and you’re certainly not finding answers – so just stop. You’ll feel a hundred times better and deep down you know that too.

Pamper yourself

The most important thing you can do right now is find the version of you that believes they are fabulous. After all of the drinking, junk food and shower neglect of course. A friend of mine dyes her hair after break ups – it works. Give it a go.

Get a routine

Find a new routine that works for you, distract yourself when you need to and start doing things that will make you feel great. Appreciate the fact you have more time to yourself, see your friends and do the things that you love (especially if your partner didn’t really enjoy them so much.)

Ignore their social media channels 

Nobody wants to see the person they’ve broken up with moving on blissfully. It’s just a cold, hard fact of life.

Sidenote: If you are looking, remember that people only want to show the best of themselves online.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you have any contact with them if you are drunk

Even if you “feel great” and you “just need to tell them one last thing.” It’s stupid. You’ll regret it. Trust me.

Think about seeing other people, but only if you’re ready

Try not to rush into anything before you’re truly ready to, it might make you feel worse in the long run – and you could end up hurting somebody else.

Also, I learnt from a week of Tinder that sometimes it can be a confidence boost, often it’s just another thing that makes you question what is wrong with the human race.

Remember your self worth

Most importantly, you must learn to love yourself again. Don’t give away everything you are to somebody that can’t see you. Remind yourself daily that you have felt this pain before and you will get over it again. That if somebody is going to hurt you, they have never deserved you.

Basically all of the stuff that you think is nonsense when you’re happy – but you need to hear when you’re sad.

Just focus on getting back to yourself and look forward to the day you can scream I AM EVERYTHING and actually believe it.