Vegan in Amsterdam

Hi everyone!

I’ve just got back from a short weekend in Amsterdam and thought I’d write a quick post about some of the amazing vegan food that I had while I was out there. I arrived late on Friday and left in the afternoon on Sunday so I don’t have much to report – but what I did get was really impressive!


Mr Stacks

We started Saturday morning off with Mr Stacks pancakes! I really impressed to see that their menu is almost entirely vegan – and I believe completely dairy free! I got the “Choco Protein Stack” and was blown away by the milk chocolate drops and nutella-like sauce to top the pancakes.

As you can see above, they were super thick and fluffy pancakes topped with vegan Nutella, desiccated coconut, almond flakes, banana, raspberry sauce and other berries!

They also have a wide range of savoury options, including a plantbased barbeque chicken stack that I had a cheeky nibble of and really enjoyed. It’s also served with a side of broccoli which (given it’s the best food on planet Earth) we really like.

It’s been a week and I’m still thinking about them everyday, definitely check it out if you find yourself in Amsterdam.


Maoz Vegan

Maoz was the perfect lunch option we were walking around the city. You can choose between fries or a pitta filled with falafel, aubergine, mushroom and more. It’s super cheap so it’s great if you’re looking for a quick bite to tide you over. I think the most expensive thing on the menu is €6.

I grabbed a falafel pitta – because for some reason I was craving it all day! After being handed my falafel I was super glad to see that you can customise your pitta as you please with a range of salad items. This includes sauerkraut, red onions, pickles, olives, coleslaw and more. I also had to chuck a load of tahini and garlic sauce on this of course!


Vegan Junk Food Bar

This would not be a vegan in Amsterdam blog without talking about the one and only – Vegan Junk Food Bar. I’d visited VJFB at the beginning of 2018 and absolutely loved it, I’ve thought about it ever since and stalked them very closely on IG.

I was super excited to see that their menu has expanded massively and they’ve grown so much since my first visit – which is always great to see.

We chose the Original VJFB burger (essentially a Big Mac) and the Daddy McChick’n Burger (amazing mock chicken burger) with rainbow fries (loaded fries with chick’n, bacon, rainbow sauce and edible flowers.)

Very happy to announce that it is still as brilliant and delicious as I remember and I’ll never stop recommending it to people.


Deer Mama

The final place we visited was the Deer Mama Mylk and Burger Bar. Sadly I was feeling a little worse for wear from the night before so eating was a bit of a chore!

There was no way I could leave without getting one of their chocolate milkshakes – which did not disappoint. The whipped cream and sprinkles on top really made my day as well.

I also grabbed their 5 Spice Banh Mi which was mock-duck in a spicy hoisin sauce, with cucumber and herbs in a crusty baguette. It was delicious but sadly, my fragile hungover body wasn’t looking for a lot of flavour at the time! My friends ordered the club sandwich and their cheeseburger and they looked fantastic – I definitely need to head back to Deer Mama soon!

Overall, I was really impressed with the vegan options on this trip. When I went in early- 2018 I didn’t find many vegan restaurants other than VJFB and left feeling slightly disappointed but this time was totally different.

What are your favourite vegan restaurants in Amsterdam? Is there anywhere that you recommend?

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