An ode to Boomtown

I’m sad to say that I’ve made a foolish mistake – and I only have myself to blame. I’ve spent this year laboured under the false pretence that I didn’t want to go to Boomtown. Time and time again I’ve told myself; it’s too crowded, it’s too expensive – you could do so many other things instead – and I stupidly believed it.

I didn’t book annual leave as a precaution, I’ve spent all of my money so I couldn’t buy a last minute ticket – I’ve taken every step to ensure I do not go and look at me now.

It’s the weekend of Boomtown 2019 – and I’m sitting alone in my house on a Friday night, drinking a warm tinnie and thinking about the good times, wondering where it’s all gone.


Boomtown is the place that Kevin Kevna was born, it’s the place that I’ve trekked miles, climbed (what feels like) mountains and formed bonds with people that can never be broken. It’s the place that I first met Beans on Toast (because he definitely lives there all year.)

I’ve spent hours chatting shit with my closest friends, I’ve eaten some of the best food I’ve ever had (hello tagine) and I’ve had all of my worn pants stolen, along with my clothes, glitter and favourite socks – and that was still the best night of my life to date.


It’s seen the birth of amazing and immortal phrases such as Viva la Feminism! and going nowhere fast. Tabatha Walker and I cackled for hours, sitting in a field – at the expense of other people.

I can’t imagine another place in the world that I’d end up in an illegal casino, using a tin of Aldi mushy peas as my bet. I can’t think of another place in which it’s deemed acceptable for a nude man to unicycle up a massive hill, motivated by the praise and applause of thousands of strangers. I can’t imagine being a world in which I hadn’t seen Bobby Robinson projectile vomit a burrito into a bush – before skanking, happier than ever on his journey to the psytrance forest.

I have a million memories that centre around laughing my head off and having a bloody good dance and they pop into my head every single day.


I’ve had the absolute pleasure of seeing amazing artists including Four Owls, Die Antwoord, The Skints – and musicians that I never thought I’d get the chance to see in a million years – Gorillaz, Cypress Hill, Toots and the Maytals, amongst so many others.

Thank you Boomtown for making a place for me and my weirdo mates to thrive in, thank you for being the highlight of our year every single year, thank you for holding all of my favourite memories – I’m sorry that I opted out this year.

Here are some more of my fave pics from the best place…







50081056_2654521641232318_8795848582734282752_n (1).jpg

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