WEIRD – July 2019

Can you IMAGINE my surprise that I’m actually doing another addition of WEIRD? I’m very proud of myself too. If you haven’t already, go check out what I got up to in June… it’s riveting. 

July has been really fun; I’ve been buying furniture, eating loads of great food and seeing pals. Here are some of the funky fresh things I’ve been wearing, eating, impressed by, reading and doing in July.


There’s nothing particularly special that I need to point out this month – as you may already know I’m not a fashionista. In fact, on that note and because it will annoy my good friend Jaide… one thing I have been wearing is socks with sandals and I’m conflicted because everything I’ve ever heard tells me to leave the pairing alone but I don’t hate it.

I’ll try harder to get a fave outfit next month.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 20.01.59


July has been a great month for food but a shining star amongst the carbs has to be Fatto a Mano – the best pizza I have had this year (maybe of all time). I get the vegan pizza with v-cheese, pesto, courgettes and red onion. I’ve also just had their garlic, rosemary fries and oh my word they’re so good.

You can also see what I’m eating over on my very hip and happening Instagram account.


I’ve finally decided to give up my iPhone – which was really hard for me because I find comfort in doing what everybody else is doing (lol). Anyway, I got sick and tired of buying a new iPhone every second month and decided it was time to switch to Android (with a Xiaomi Mi8) and I’m amazed.

The battery life is ten times better, I have loads of storage, the camera is wicked AND it was £139 brand new. I’m shook, but very impressed.


This month I’ve been reading Everything I never told you – Celeste Ng. I’ve been waiting for ages for it to become available in my local library and finally it did. I haven’t been super into it but I think that’s more that I’ve been busy rather than the quality of the book! But I did enjoy it and will definitely be reading more of her work.

I’ve also just started Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly – who wrote an amazing book called He Said/She Said – and it’s really good.



I’ve spent the better half of this month on the beach – and it’s been fantastic. I’ve had chance to sit in the sun with friends, swim in the sea and ate barbecued corn on the cob (which for some reason is so much better). It’s been a lovely, sunny month.

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