WEIRD – June 2019: Claire Cross

I just want to quickly say that this is not my original idea, but the idea of an amazing creator called Lexie Lombard who is fantastic and brilliant. I’ve edited the categories slightly because I’m annoying like that but STILL – hope you enjoy. 

June has been a really WEIRD month for me, it’s flown by and I can’t think of anything that I’ve actually done – but it also feels like I’ve been sprinting through the month frantically and have been very stressed the whole time.

For some reason, stress seems to work two ways in my brain. I either completely shut down and decide to sleep all day – or I get very INSPIRED and have loads of groovy ideas. Anyway; thanks to my stressful month, I’m going to start this funky little series in which I summarise each month of my life in five factors. So, this is June 2019.



Imagine my surprise when I found these adorable Winnie the Pooh dungarees in Beyond Retro for just £12… I want to live in a world in which dungarees are the only outfit option, and this – I suppose – is my first step towards that.



We’ve just moved house and had some problems with the new oven, so I’ve taken this as a wonderful excuse to exclusively eat cheese and bean toasties.

Also, I massively overfilled with the beans and made a huge mess – I’ll never learn.



There have been a few things I thought of for this little section, including my Queen Lizzo and my Queen Kate Nash and her new documentary – but I’ve been so obsessed with this album that it had to feature. It makes me feel super happy and inspired and I just want to listen to it all day.

Father of the Bride is beautiful and amazing and totally worth a listen if you haven’t checked it out already.



I’ve wanted to read Eat Up! for a while and I’m glad I finally got around to it. Ya gal has gained a few pounds over the past year and has been trying to get rid of them – but it’s not very easy when you love burgers as much as I do. This was so refreshing after months of totally unnecessary food-guilt and obsessing over eating. It also has some really fantastic recipes featured!



This is all I’ve spoken about for the month of June so I apologise for doing it again but I’m SO excited to move house. My boyfriend and I have just moved out of a teeny tiny little flat and into a place that feels like a mansion (which is not hard when compared to our old place).

My month has been buying shower curtains and spending too much money on boring adult purchases like shoe racks. But I’m really happy to have a lovely house with all of my books and plants. Will be great.

The picture above is our old living room and I’m not exaggerating when I say that this was half of it. Seriously, it was like living in a treehouse.

So that’s my June! Let me know what you were up to and hopefully I’ll do another one of these next month too!

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