Vegan in Berlin

I recently went to Berlin, in exploration of fantastic, delicious vegan food and I couldn’t be happier with what I’d found! Out of all of the places I’d been to in the past three years, this was undoubtedly the most vegan-friendly place that I’ve seen. The vast amount of fully-vegan restaurants and varied cuisine available was so shocking and I’d love to go back to try everything I’d missed!

Here are some of the places I went to, and the amazing food I had in each place:

Lily's Burger

Our first stop was Lily’s Burger, which had been highly recommended to me by friends – so I was very excited to try it out. Upon arrival, we were given a humongous menu with a wide range of vegan options.

Lily’s has both vegan and non-vegan food available but they’ve done a great job of veganising almost everything – the waiter was incredibly helpful and told me exactly what was and wasn’t vegan so that was much appreciated. They also had three options for vegan patties, I opted for the seitan patty because I just can’t get enough wheat it appears.

I ordered the “John F. Kennedy” burger, which came with vegan bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce. It also had an onion ring, salad, burger sauce and was topped with a very large pickle. On the side, I also had mozarella sticks that I expected to be rather small, I was absolutely wrong.

The portion size was massive and the food was brilliant. It was also reasonably priced for how much we had. Overall, I was very happy with Lilys and glad that we went. I’ve never seen a non-vegan restaurant with so many options. I’d simply suggest going with the intention of sitting, nursing your food baby for the rest of the day!


Next on the list, Brammibals Donuts!

After booking my flights, I headed straight to Instagram to check out the vegan food available in Berlin. Brammibals was the first thing to pop up and was also mentioned repeatedly when speaking to friends about going.

I practically ran into the building, overly excited about the prospect of vegan donuts and was not disappointed with what I had found. There were around 12 flavours available, all of which sounded incredible. I’m a chocolate gal through and through so naturally I chose the two most chocolatey options – the Nougat and Boston Crème.

They were perfect! The dough was soft and delish, the topping to dough ratio was tip top. I don’t know how else I can describe the donut experience I had other than saying you absolutely need to try out if you get the chance.

They also sell bagels and coffee, unfortunately I had just eaten breakfast so I didn’t get too much – but they looked incredible and I’d love to go back and give them a go – if I’m ever in the area again.

It was situated in probably my favourite area of Berlin, so it was lovely to cycle around and check out the other places nearby aswell.

La Stella Nera

I went to La Stella Nera with little expectation and left convinced it was the nicest thing I’d ever eaten. Not only did it have the perfect pizza, but the (very kind) waitress also recommended a pasta dish to us that was sublime. We also had a salad, which I really enjoyed and I’m not a salad person at ALL and were given complimentary bread (with oil and balsamic v nice).

Alongside this, we had a bottle of red wine which was very clearly labelled vegan. Being a fully vegan restaurant, of course I’d expect that all of the alcohol would also be vegan, but it was brilliant to have the extra element of security there, so I didn’t have to question anything.

It was also noticeably cheap, to the point that I questioned if they’d forgotten to charge us for something. Everything that we had came to a total of €37 (£31).

One thing to note is that La Stella Nera isn’t open on Mondays, so make sure you don’t trek across Berlin when it’s closed!

Soya Kitchen.png

Soya Kitchen had been highly recommended to me amongst many other Vietnamese restaurants. This was the easiest place to get to from our hotel so it won in the list of many fantastic places to eat. We ordered the duck with coconut curry udon noodles, a wonton soup and summer rolls.

Summer rolls are one of my things to eat on the planet. They’re so fresh and delicious especially with peanut sauce oh my. Until this point I’d only ever had them with avocado, mint and other miscellaneous vegetables. Soya Kitchen, however, took it the extra step and added tofu to theirs which was fantastic. We also had it with hoisin sauce instead of peanut and I would deffo recommend.

Next, the duck was perfectly crispy and I was so impressed with the taste and texture. The coconut-curry sauce was *slightly* too spicy for my liking but I don’t think that’s a valid critique of the restaurant, I just wish it was a tad milder and more creamy.

Finally, the wonton soup was fantastic, so fantastic in fact that I tried to recreate it as soon as we got home and failed miserably. If anyone wants to send me a nice wonton soup recipe, I’d be very grateful.

Bastard Berlin
We went to Bastard Berlin on the last day of the holiday after a lot of googling for nice brunch places, it was a little of our way but conveniently close to Brammibals so I took the chance to grab a pre-flight Bostom Crème.

The queue for brunch was long, with around 15 people waiting outside for us but upon seeing the food, it immediately became obvious why.

They had a standard vegan breakfast option, which was a plate FULL of different, delicious food – served with a basket of bread. I had hummus, tapenade and the nicest jam I’ve ever tried with roasted squash, sweet potato and peppers; a mixed salad and a selection of fruit.

It was presented beautifully, using fresh and perfectly ripe produce and the spreads were clearly homemade. Undoubtedly a 10/10 brunch.

Veganz Supermarket.png

I stumbled upon the Veganz supermarket on our final day in Berlin. Sadly, it was just after brunch and just before the flight home so I didn’t buy much. It sounds silly to say but I felt overwhelmed and almost emotional at the thought of being in a completely vegan supermarket. It felt almost utopian and it was just such a strange feeling to not be checking labels for effing milk powder and other pesky products.

I grabbed one of their own brand chocolate bars – the hazelnut choc bar – and it was amazing. Almost like a mars bar with hazelnut undertones. I’d noticed whilst there that they have a wide range of products in their brand so I’d be interested to try some more if anybody knows of how I can get it in the UK let me know!


It only seemed right that I gave a shout out to some REALLY NICE SNACKS.

Oatly Mocha Latte:

I almost screamed when I saw the Oatly Mocha Latte in a supermarket. I saw these in almost every supermarket that we popped into (including the vegan one of course) as well as cafés: so they’re readily available all over Berlin.

There were three flavours available: Mocha Latte, Matcha Latte and Cold Brew Latte but of course, chocolate runs through my veins so I went with mocha and it was fantastic. Close to starting a petition for them to be available in the UK as we need them here.


Of course, we had to try currywurst. In short, I thought it was nice enough but I’m in no rush to try it again. Which shocked me actually because I love a good sausage. 7/10 for me. With that in mind, I was very glad to see that almost every currywurst place that I had seen had a vegan alternative.

Oliven gefüllt mit Mandeln:

…which roughly translates to: herby olives stuffed with almonds. This seems like such a silly product to include here but they were REALLY ENJOYABLE. I’d grabbed them in an Aldi for a (very chilly) picnic and would encourage everybody that I know to try them to.

Wheaty Vegan Chorizo Slices:

While I’m here and talking about the (very chilly) picnic, I also grabbed some wheaty vegan chorizo slices that I’ve also seen in the UK (available on Ocado). I guess there’s not much to say about a slice of chorizo but it was v nice, would eat again.

Places I didn’t get chance to go to:

I was only in Berlin for four days, so didn’t get the chance to go everywhere that I’d wanted to, definitely need to visit again as I had such a brilliant time! Some of the places people recommended to me that I wish I’d tried are:

1990 Vegan Living: 1990 Vegan Living is a Vietnamese restaurant that looks incredible. From what I’ve seen online, it’s also very cheap! Definitely worth popping in if you find yourself in Berlin.

Vöner: Finding Vöner turned out to be sooo stressful, not because it’s particularly hard-to-find but because our phones died and there were roadworks and diversions that complicated things either further. Anyway, we never made it to Vöner which is a shame as it looks amazing.


I’m surprised that I didn’t sprint straight to Momos because dumplings are everything but unfortunately I didn’t get chance to. On the list for next time though!

The Secret Garden:

I stumbled upon The Secret Garden as it’s in the Veganz supermarket, sadly we didn’t have long before our flight and I’d already filled up at Bastard Berlin, so I had to give it a miss.


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