Let me just start this in a typically British way, by saying that I can’t believe it’s the end of 2018. This year has flown by!

I started (and ended) 2018 in the perfect way, singing ABBA and banging on pots and pans in the Cobden Road kitchen – and on reflection, the year continued to be fantastic from there.

Whilst driving home from Christmas in the Midlands, I decided to put together a fun list of all of the things I’ve been up to this year – it’s certainly been an interesting one!

  • I moved into my first “grown-up” flat with the luuurve of my life – questionably grown up given the sheer volume Harry Potter merchandise but I still feel very proud.
  • With this in mind, I also moved out of Cobden Road and the house of dreams with my soul sisters. This has been a bit of a funny adjustment, mainly because I have an absurd need to annoy Lucy Dickens every single day and it was just much easier when we were under the same roof. Luckily, we had seven glorious months in Cobden before packing up and moving miles away to Kemptown.
  • I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Britney Spears, Gorillaz, Bon Iver and Arctic Monkeys as well as many other fantastic artists. Special shout outs also go to Die Antwoord, Fatboy Slim and Gentleman’s Dub Club (who I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every year for the past 5 years. Why do they play absolutely everywhere?)Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 14.20.31
  • I went to Amsterdam for the first time and had my picture taken with a 6 foot penis – which was a fab experience!
  • I’ve actively tried to exercise this year which is new. Not as much as I would have liked but we need to start somewhere. I think the main achievement when it comes to being active for me this year has been becoming aware of the benefits of exercise on my mental health – something I’m very excited to continue and work on more in 2019!IMG_0740.JPG
  • On the subject of exercise, I bought my first bike and started cycling more.
  • But naturally, because I live in Brighton – that lovely bike got stolen so it was R.I.P to Astrid and hello to Shiela who has continued to serve me well this year!
  • Another goal of mine this year was to start a new hobby, so I reluctantly went Bouldering and was shocked to find that it’s great fun!!IMG_0959
  • I’ve read 19 books, all of which you can read about here.
  • I’ve posted 9 times on this blog, which isn’t phenomenal but given my lack of motivation to do anything – I’m pretty happy with that!
  • I’ve broken three phones. Seriously, I am cursed.IMG_2561
  • I’ve drank approximately 1,500 pints and 8,000 shots of Tuaca.
  • I’ve rekindled old friendships and made some new, fantastic friends.
  • I’ve started an ABBA tribute band, which is really something special.IMG_0972.JPG
  • And joined a wicked cool pub quiz team that has become the highlight of my week, every week. (Up the Marge!)
  • I’ve tried to sing I Write Sins Not Tragedies on karaoke and gave up – in public.
  • I’ve tried to sing Mamma Mia on karaoke and broke the microphone – in public.
  • I was on stage with Shy FX to take pictures and do social media coverage which was unreal.
  • I swam in the sea in Brighton for the first time and immediately questioned why I haven’t been doing this for six years.
  • And on that note, spent weeks sunbathing in the most gorgeous weather I’ve ever seen in England.
  • Equally, I’ve spent many weekends in tents sheltering from torrential rain because, England.


  • I’ve eaten some absolutely amazing vegan food and seen a huge rise in veganism in popular culture, supermarkets and restaurants which has made me a very happy bunny.
  • And on that note, my vegan Instagram page has exploded. I’ve started speaking to more people about veganism – mainly drooling over food but that’s always great to do with pals – and it’s been wonderful.
  • I was also paid to write about vegan food in Brighton earlier in the year which is the dream.
  • I also featured in a Plantbased zine that was all kinds of lovely.IMG_0463.JPG
  • I witnessed my favourite little man, Milo turn one which was spectacular.
  • I went to Parliament and met my babe Caroline Lucas which was utterly brilliant.
  • I’ve started to plan a podcast so that’s very exciting (watch this space.)
  • I went to the Grand Hotel and realised that I am still a povvo.
  • I also went up the i360 which was pretty cool!IMG_1191.JPG
  • I attended the best Harry Potter exhibition I’ve ever seen – with a divination room that I want to live in forever.
  • I’ve watched Gavin and Stacey from start to finish three times. Which is a pretty poor effort if you ask me.
  • I had an ABBA themed surprise birthday party and cried about how wonderful my friends are.
  • I got far too drunk on Christmas Eve and spent hours crying about how wonderful my friends are.
  • I’ve spent approximately 1000 hours crying about how wonderful my friends are.IMG_0809
  • I’ve learnt so much about myself, including how I respond in certain situations and flaws that I have and how I can work on them.
  • I came to terms with problems I have with my body image massively and am starting 2019 feeling positive about myself and healthy ways that I can feel better about myself. (2019 is my sexy year, you’ve heard it here first)
  • I’ve decided after ten years of rejecting the idea of marriage and families that I do want babies and Sunday mornings in bed reading the newspaper. Obviously not any time soon though!
  • I’ve learnt how to be completely myself around another person which is something that I didn’t think could happen.
  • I’ve farted in front of a boy – which is groundbreaking.
  • I’ve chopped my hair off in preparation for a re-brand that’s coming soon to an Instagram channel near you.
  • I’ve taken massive steps with social anxiety and not running away the second I feel uncomfortable.
  • I’ve had the coil put in, which was an interesting experience.
  • I went to the dentist and was f*ckn brave. 

This year has been full of facing fears, trying new experiences and spending time with my amazing friends. I feel like I’ve learnt more about myself this year than ever before and I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful 2018 and if you haven’t, you’re excited for next year to be better.