If you grew up in a small town…

Growing up in a small town is special and unique: whilst desperate to break free and run away to some exciting new place, you find yourself befriending similar small townians and realise that maybe it’s not so bad after all.

Here are some of the inevitabilities of growing up in a tiny place:

Everywhere has its own nickname

After years of going to the same places, of course you and your pals are going to create nicknames for them. Often the local pub or if you’re under 18 – a particular area in the park (big up emo tree.)

Secrets are a myth that are long forgotten

And you’re completely okay with that, since the age of 14 everything you have ever done has been public information – so you learn to accept it pretty quickly.


You can’t escape drunken embarrassment

Seeing all your old friends on a night out is great, until you get too drunk and embarrass yourself. It won’t be forgotten about for half a decade and everybody will know about it.

You dread introducing your friends to new love interests

They know every awful thing you’ve done for the past decade and are not afraid to share.

You’ve perfected the generic chat with people you haven’t seen for years

“Yes I am in Brighton now, going really well thanks. Oh yeah that thing we did ten years ago was hilarious, let’s go for a drink sometime. I’ll message you on Facebook…”

Everybody has the same interests

Your friendship group becomes a massive influence on your interests and style – so you all end up looking the exact same, whilst listening to the same music and criticising other people for being unoriginal. Apart from that one person who was always different (s/o to Sammy Large – let the record state that she was never an emo.)

You feel homesick about the strangest things

I get severe FOMO when I hear my friends are sitting in Ken Marriott (literally just a field) and refuse to miss a Boxing Day celebration in Rugby town. Furthermore, when I lived in London I used to go out of my way to get 60p tea in a Styrofoam cup because something about it reminded me of home.

You know that there are certain nights that absolutely everybody you’ve ever known will attend

Shout out to Andrew Gibbins for providing the entertainment, love you. #yesiknowwerdna

Walking through the street brings back an array of memories

Whether you were ten, twelve or twenty one – you’ve got vivid memories of being a plonker at Spring fairs, Christmas light switch ons and local gigs that every man and his dog attends.

You’re so used to never having to use public transport

Because absolutely everything is a ten minute walk away.

You never tell people the name of your town…

Just the nearest city, mine is the place in which an incredibly popular sport started and people still don’t know where the heck it is.

Waitresses and Bar staff are never strangers

They are always either a close or mutual friend. Or your mate’s cousin that you went to that party with once.

Because of this, you never have to take your ID out

And get incredibly confused if you are questioned.

You know every nook and cranny of the place

If you ever need to know a shortcut in Rugby town, I’m your gal.

You have a group of people in your new home that are from your town

I socialise with people from Rugby approximately 90% of the time, despite having left 6 years ago. There is literally no escape.

You’re still updated on what your school crush is doing, even though you haven’t even thought twice about them in almost a decade

And they have two kids, a mortgage and spend their Saturdays at Homebase.


You can’t imagine coming from anywhere else

There’s nothing like instantly feeling at home and having a family full of weirdos. As much as you moan about it, you can’t imagine growing up anywhere else and you secretly love being home.

❤️ Thanks for being great Rugby ❤️

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