Things that were missing in the Harry Potter films…

I’m sure I speak for all Harry Potter fans when I say that there were a lot of great aspects of the book that were missing the films. Of course, I’m aware that the films would have been 10 hours long if absolutely everything was included. But, would I have watched 10 hours of Harry Potter with all bases covered? Happily!

So I thought it was only right that we gather here today to appreciate some of the amazing parts of the Harry Potter literary series that didn’t get mentioned in the films.

Ginny Weasley

Let’s just get right into it, this frustrates me much more than it should. Ginny Weasley is a strong, talented, amazing witch and this shines through everything that she does in the HP books. Then the film series has the audacity to turn her into a bumbling idiot that’s entire personality centres around her crush on Harry.

And while we’re on the topic of their relationship, what was that first kiss?! Absolutely ludicrous. Ginny deserves better ✊


Peeves is such a prominent figure throughout all of the books and seems to be at the top of everybody’s “why was this missing from the films?” list. I’ve recently discovered whilst preparing this post that Peeves was meant to played by Rik Mayall in the film series which adds extra disappointment as I personally think he would have been perfect. 


The Deathday Party

While we’re on the subject of ghosts, where was the Deathday Party? I’m sure I speak for many people when I say it would have been a delight to see Nearly Headless Nick’s 500th Deathday Party bought to life.

Minister for Magic meets the Muggle Prime Minister

This chapter is my absolute favourite throughout the entire series. I’ve always loved the magic world intertwining with the muggle world (apart from when the Death Eaters destroy the Millennium Bridge – still won’t go on it) so I would have loved to see this in the films.

The Marauders’

We need an entire film about the Marauders: their history, friendship and time at Hogwarts. Please give me all of the Sirius Black that you can think of, I am ready.

Harry’s Green Eyes

This wouldn’t be so annoying if it wasn’t one of the most commonly used phrases throughout the entire book and film series. And yes, we all know that Daniel Radcliffe had a problem with the contact lens’ and sure, nobody else could play Harry as effectively but come on people!


Molly Weasley’s Boggart

Perhaps this isn’t completely essential for the film, but I did feel as though this was a really impactful part within the book in which you not only see in plain sight how much of a maternal and loving woman that Molly is – but also get a real insight into how horrific this war with Voldemort was.

Percy Weasley

It would have also been great to see more of the feud between Percy and his family – and more importantly, the end of this feud. Although this would have made Fred’s death even more heartbreaking, if that were even possible.

Harry’s Triwizard Winnings

While we’re on the topic of the lovely Weasley’s, it would have also been great if the film made a nod to the fact that Harry gave his Triwizard winnings to Fred and George.

The Hogwarts Kitchen

Even a glimpse into the Hogwarts Kitchen would have been amazing and given the rest of the film’s sets and attention to detail, I think they could have done it marvellously.

S.P.E.W and Winky the Elf

Similarly, it would have been great to meet Winky the Elf and see not only S.P.E.W but also Ron changing his mind about House Elves and their value.

St Mungo’s

Another part of the Wizarding World that we were never able to see was St Mungo’s Hospital. I remember being so amazed by this as a kid, the different departments, the funny comments about muggle medicine. Everything about St Mungo’s was so fascinating to me, so I was pretty gutted that didn’t make the films.

Neville’s Parents

Something that would have been great to see Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny meeting Neville’s parents and seeing Gilderoy Lockhart again. Neville definitely had his moments in the films and we saw him age and get more confident as time went on, however I think a lot of his past was missing and the fact that he could have been the chosen one was ignored.

Petunia and Dumbledore

It would have been brilliant to see Petunia speak more about the magical world and also to really shine a light on the fact that jealousy made her the way that she was. I love that in the book we get to feel empathy for a character that nobody has been fond of throughout the series and I think that this is one of the best things about Harry Potter – it almost teaches it’s readers to see reasoning behind the actions of bad people.

Voldemort’s Childhood

Speaking of baddies – we should have seen a deeper insight into Voldy’s childhood, especially the actions of his mother and his ties with powerful magic.

I personally think that the films did the book great justice, of course there were always going to be problematic parts but they did a brilliant job overall. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to binge watch/read Harry Potter all over again 🤘

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