Picture this.

It’s a quiet Thursday night. I have no plans, was going to laze about in my pants watching YouTube videos and writing to do lists I’ll never look at again – simple.

That’s when it happened. My laptop, god bless her soul, passed to the other side. Within seconds I’m tearing my hair out whilst shaking a black screen questioning HOW will I get through this evening without her.

Rest in peace, my love x

I rush across the room to grab my dusty iPad and that has also failed me. My charger is broken. I’m panicking now.

Running around the house, trying to find a suitable charger, it’s only now that I realise – my phone is dying too.

I’m messaging my loved ones, telling them my last words in case I don’t last the night. That’s when I see her, the shining light in what could have been a treacherous evening. An old, battered and surprisingly not broken copy of Grease on DVD.

I am now sitting alone, praying for the lives of my technological devices and having a jig to Summer Lovin’

I know, I know, I can read a book, maybe I could write something other than this terrible blog post but it’s just not the same if you’re not looking into a screen. I’m ashamed of myself too.

If this DVD starts skipping, I’m going to bed.

Wish me luck x

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