Vegan in Brighton

Veganism is often deemed a difficult lifestyle to follow, particularly when it comes to eating out and grabbing food on the go. LUCKILY, we have Brighton – a saving grace when it comes to vegan food. Brighton is rife with options and always has something at hand to help a hungry herbivore.  

Given that there are so many places, it would be tricky to write about them all at once, so I’ve carefully chosen my top places to eat in Brighton, as a vegan. I’m always looking for new places to go so comment down below if you have any other places I should try!  

Beelzebab at Hope and Ruin 

I’m aware that everybody talks about Beelzebab, but that is simply because it’s the BEST. If you’re a fan of vegan junk food, great beer and a quirky environment to chill in – this is the place to be. Hope and Ruin is also a brilliant pub with live music and fun activities such as Drawing Club 

Favourite dish: Chilli Cheese Fries all day every day.  

Happy Maki  

Happy Maki started at festivals across the country so I’d found them, three days into Boomtown, hating my life and desperate for sushi – and found heaven in their burritos. As you can imagine, I was very happy when I’d heard they’d opened a place in Brighton.  

Favourite dish: Rainbow Roll, perfect for detoxes – that are destined to fail.  

I also use the Wriggle app to get great deals at Happy Maki, (two sushi burritos for £8). This app is perfect if you’re obsessed with food but don’t have mass amounts of money to indulge. There are loads of great vegan options on there so I’d definitely recommend downloading and checking it out if you haven’t already – you can get two Glazed doughnuts for £2.50, tell me that’s not everything you’ve ever wanted.  

The Bok Shop  

The Bok Shop may not be fully vegan but their vegan options are out of this world! Amazing, flavourful and perfectly guiltfree.  

Favourite dish: Classic Vegan Burger and Fries.  


Again, I know that Purezza is popular for everybody and is often spoken about – but it’s SO good. With such an extensive menu of pizza, pasta, burgers and more – there is no wonder that it’s hyped up in the vegan community.  

Favourite dish: The Popeye – I love you vegan ricotta. Also, REALLY want to try the Couch Potato.  

Cornish Pasty Shop 

I feel as though there aren’t enough people that know about this absolute gem. There is nothing like walking around the Laines, vegan sausage roll in hand. They have a range of options for all pastries and sweet treats: including, peanut butter cups, peanut butter and caramel tart and an absolutely divine Oreo slice.  

Favourite dish: always the Vegan Sausage Roll.  

Pizza Me 

Pizza Me is the saving grace of Elm Grove (although I am also very eager to try The Admiral Arms). I walk past Pizza Me every single day of my life, desperate for some of their fantastic food. They have a good range of vegan options and all of them are amazing.  

The only slight issue with Pizza Me is that they don’t do individual vegan slices and sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to buy a whole pizza.  

Favourite Dish: ME Vegan Bangers – need to find out what sausage they use, it’s incredible.  

Deadwax Social 

I’m shocked that I’ve picked so many pizza options as my favourites – because I never used to rate pizza so much, I guess that reflects just how brilliant these places are!  

One thing that Deadwax impressed me with in particular was their extensive and clearly labelled menu – they have so many options for you whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a meat-eater. I got their Vegan Pesto pizza and it blew my mind. They are also available on Wriggle and I’m pretty sure their vegan pizza is £7, remarkable!  

Have you ever eaten something so good that Enya is playing in your head alongside every bite?  Yeah, that’s Deadwax.  

Favourite dish: Vegan Pesto, Mozarella, Caramelised Onion, Sundried Tomato, Tofu, Pine Nuts and Rocket. I know, right.  

As I mentioned before, it was so tough for me to pick just 7 places as there are so many I love, maybe I’ll have to do a part two! Let me know below what your favourite places to eat in Brighton are.  

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