Reasons why voting is totally hip and cool

I am absolutely counting spoiling a vote as a vote with this. Just so we’re aware.

Come on kids, voting can be fun too! You just need to watch loads of BBC News and look at this funny man called Boris bumble around. I don’t mean to sway your opinion but I heard that this party leader has Snapchat L O L.

I know, I know, you hate me right now. I think it’s very important to point out that I am entirely kidding and despise the generic methods of engaging young people to vote as much as the next person. Is there anything worse than an Eton-educated politician that has never stepped foot into a Wetherspoons tell you that they’re “down with the kids” and aiming to cater for younger generations of people?

However, this does not change that fact that it is so important that we, as a group a young adults, make our vote. In ode to Buzzfeed, I thought it’d be best to break these reasons down into a list – because we all know that the attention span of 18-24 year olds is crap. Curse you Facebook, down with Instagram.

In all seriousness, if you haven’t already registered to vote and think that you might skip this general election that please peruse this list before making up your mind.

  1. We complain enough.

No Tea No Shade, but we do like to moan. Have you ever found yourself complaining about increases in student loan interest rates? Maybe you’ve been unhappy that the people that lead your country have decided to hurt innocent civilians in a bid for power?

By rejecting the vote, you’re silencing yourself. You’re telling the people that collate data for the Daily Mail that our generation doesn’t care. If you have a problem with the government, take action to change this. I understand that you may not agree with any political party, but we’ll get into that later.

  1. Change the stereotype.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being tarnished with a brush that says that younger people are lazy and careless. I’m sick of my voice being interrupted because I’m in a certain age bracket that people associate with a lack of information.

The only way to bust this stereotype and be taken seriously within our society is to make a stand and show that we care. We’re can’t stand by and watch people with no idea about the life of a ‘millenial’ tell us what is best for us.

  1. Politicians work to please people.

I’m sure this does not come as a surprise but politicians are selling themselves, they’re essentially a walking brand desperately attempting to convince people that they are different.

If there is a presence of younger people registering to vote, they will make more effort to appeal to us. Even if they have no idea what we want or need from society.

  1. A snap election hasn’t happened in over 30 years.

A snap election does not happen every day. There is a big chance that we will live the rest of our lives without one happening again. This is literally a chance to be part of history; it’s a second chance at trying to push change.

  1. Not voting is not rebelling.

I often hear people say “there’s no point in voting because nothing will change” and it makes my blood boil. This literally translates to “I can’t be bothered” in my head. I completely understand why politics is seen as corrupt but by sitting back and ignoring it, you are not changing anything.

Registering to vote, going to your local ballot station and spoiling the vote will make a stand. If every person that has said to me that voting changes nothing in the past few years did this simple task – their voice would be heard.

  1. Policies affect you directly.

It may seem like the policies discussed and debated in parliament have no affect on you but they directly affect each and every one of us. Also, no offence but not voting because you’re unaffected by it is pretty selfish dude.

  1. Voting used to be exclusive.

People quite literally died for the right to vote. Refusing to vote is almost insulting to the people that fought tirelessly for their voice to be heard. I understand that in modern society it may seem futile and we’re often told that we’re unable to make any change but that is absolutely not true. If people take a stand and actually give their opinion, changes will have to be made.

  1. We’re an open-minded generation that needs to be heard.

I feel as though our generation is so liberal and accepting, so we absolutely need to get out there and spread our views – to ensure an inclusive and safe society in the future.

  1. Good ol’ technology can come to the rescue.

You no longer need to sit and read through manifestos or watch hours of debates. There are great websites available so all that you need to do is input your opinion on certain topics and you’ll be provided with results based on which party reflects your views.

This is one that I used and I was actually really pleasantly surprised with my results.

  1. Caring is COOL

In all seriousness, actually caring about our society and taking an active role in the government is ‘cool.’  I know that politics is corrupt and in many ways, it may seem like we’re tiny people that will never be heard but the horrid truth is, if we stand by and accept that as fact – we will never change anything. We can’t keep pushing these things to the side because of an age-old belief that we can’t make changes.

It won’t be easy but we can’t sit back and do nothing any longer. This is a second chance to actually stand up and have your say.

Click here to register to vote and you have full permission to laugh at me if we’ve all voted and nothing changes anyway.




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