Rites of passage that every girl experiences

I used to think that I was terrible at being feminine and had absolutely no idea how to ‘be a girl.’ But then I realised that many of us have been through these adolescent traumas and we’re all friends here. 

Being a girl is a strange and wonderful time, with hearts filled with Britney Spears and dreams of being a cheerleader we grow into women. There are certain things we all go through in this transition into womanhood – some of them embarrassing, others comforting and most of them, just outright annoying. Whether it’s falling in love with Justin Timberlake or reading everything Jacqueline Wilson had ever written it helped us to blossom into the goddesses we are today. This post is for the glitter-loving noughties girl inside all of us.

Bleaching your hair and expecting to be a shimmering ice queen but looking in the mirror to see what can only be described as a patchy bale of hay.

Any girl that has ever DIY dyed their hair blonde has experienced this – and if you’re anything like me, rocked the ginger streaks for a while. A hairstyle that I’m still shocked I wasn’t banned from going outside with.

Starting your period in an awkward place and convincing yourself you’ll never go outside again. 

We’ve all been there, in the middle of a quiet day at the park and it hits. The indescribable feeling that you JUST KNOW. You shimmy into the bathroom to find out your fate and freak out – you make an action plan to get home immediately, whether it’s by car, bike or helicopter. GO!

Years later, using a period to get out of a P.E lesson you just didn’t fancy.

(and then having to keep in mind whether it had been a month since you last used that excuse.)

The first time you worry that your mini braids and sparkly crop top aren’t bomb at the school disco. 

“Can you see my body glitter?!”

Eating 3000 calories in one sitting,

Food is love guys, food is love.

Having the worst week but managing to hold it together – and then bursting into tears when a jar won’t open. 

Which is INSTANTLY worse if the jar is a necessary component of your 3000 calorie intake for that day.

Buying your first piece of high end make up, 

It’s a magical time, even if it is a discounted bright blue eyeliner that, let’s be honest, you’re never going to use.

Your first grown up alcoholic drink,

AKA, the first one that actually tastes nice and isn’t just whatever was in your parents’ cupboards.

When you finally stop bickering with your mother,

One day the teenage angst just falls away and you finally stop saying snarky comments about not needing a coat in the snow. Or maybe that’s just me (sorry mum.)

The first perfectly choreographed dance routine with your besties,

You had your steps to S Club Party down to a tee after months of working on the perfect S.

The day that you wake up with slightly tender boobs and convince yourself that you’re pregnant,

So you begin thinking of how you’d manage juggling a career and your –obedient and mega cool- child.

Realising that leg hair is completely normal,

Whilst laughing at how much you used to freak out about 4 hairs on your legs, showing off your impressive ‘tights.’

Wearing 80 accessories on your body at once,

Because, vogue.

Forming your girl gang

The perfect girl gang is essential to life, the day that you’re all drunk and officially say that you’re besties is the start of something spectacular.

Spending a ridiculous amount on fancy underwear, 

It’s just so preeetty.

Watching a chick flick and desperately wanting to be like Elle Woods, Cher Horowitz or Cady Heron. 

But really you’d just settle for a pink, fluffy phone in your bedroom.



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