22 Things I’ve Learnt in 22 Years

Things are about to get cheesy and unoriginal up in here.

As I’ve entered the 23rd year of  my life I’ve been feeling extremely nostalgic. Something you may have realised from my last post. Naturally I went home, popped on The Black Parade and began to think about how I have grown throughout the years. Now I’m not saying that I’m a wise soul, almost all of my ‘knowledge’ has come from drunken moments and Buzzfeed articles – but isn’t that the case for all of us? Here are the only pearls of wisdom I could find after years of zoning out of conversations and thinking about what I’ll be having for dinner.

1. Stop looking back and worrying about your mistakes or regrets.

I feel as if this is one of those clichés that you’re always going to realise when it’s too late. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m super neurotic but I’m pretty sure everybody overthinks their past and the things they wish they’d changed. As annoying and unhelpful as it is, there’s no reversing the past – you have to just move on and stop overthinking.

2. You will get addicted to avocados in your twenties.

I hate myself for even writing this but it’s so true that I just have to spread the word. You might not think that it will happen to you, but it really, really will. You may think you dislike them, heck you may have only eaten one in your lifetime. You have to trust me when I say that one day you’ll kick yourself at the sight of an inedible avocado – before running to the shop to find another because you need it.

3. No matter who you are or what you believe – there will always be someone that disagrees with them.

There are so many people on this marvellous planet, we’re bound to have some conflicting opinions. As long as people aren’t forcing their beliefs on others or causing anyone else harm then I can’t see why we can’t be one big disagreeing family.

4. Friends really are hard to find

I’m not talking about someone that you can go to the pub with, or grab a coffee and catch up on gossip. I’m talking about a person that knows you inside and out, is part of your family and you couldn’t even begin to imagine living without. When I was younger I was obsessed with the idea of being friends with everybody, I couldn’t stand the idea of being disliked, so I tried to befriend every single person that I met. Don’t get me wrong – these were some fantastic years in which I was surrounded by wonderful people. But it wasn’t until years later that I realised that 90% of my friends back then knew nothing about me. My long and unexplained point is that it’s definitely better to develop a deeper friendship with someone than spend your time bouncing around hanging out with whoever you see. But you do you, bro.

5. There will be some people that you just don’t get on with

This could just be me but I’m pretty sure it’s completely normal and doesn’t mean that you’re the worst person. Some people just don’t get on, you’ll survive.

6. Destiny’s child is proven to make you feel better. Destiny’s Child and rum.

Even typing this is making me want to dance around to Survivor with all of the strawberry daiquiris.

7. Food is not the enemy

I spent so many years worrying about everything that I ate and the effect it would have on my body. From such a young age I restricted things from my diet, counted calories and felt guilty about eating certain things. It wasn’t until I was older that I realised that dieting will never work. There is no need for restriction when we can live healthy and happy lives whilst eating great food.

8. Nightclubs that stay open past 5am are almost never good, especially if they open at 4. Unless you enjoy crowded smoking areas, sleazy men and sick burps.

9. Nothing good can ever come of bitching over the internet.

You’re not being discreet, you’re just hurting people around you instead of discussing it with them like adults.

10. There are times where people have to be selfish and do what is best for them. 

Unfortunately this can be hard to remember if their actions don’t work in your favour.

11. Sometimes, tequila is a great idea

It will always get you too drunk, but it will be the best kind of drunk. Cracking open a fresh bottle of wine at 4am is a bad idea- one that you absolutely must experience.

12. Some day’s the only thing that will make you feel better (apart from DC and rum) is 5,000 calories.

I won’t rest until I eat all of the ice cream.

13.  As much as you may hate your teenage body and pray that you looked differently – puberty will come around.

Before you know it you’ll be ten pounds lighter thinking back to how cute you used to be. And if not, f**k it – you got through teenage angst, you’re basically a warrior.

14. Your spots will stick around though, they’re not going anywhere.

And you should probably stop putting weird chemicals on your face in a bid to make them disappear.

15. It’s better to feel sluggish for one day than abandon your sanity and dedicate your life to working.

Downtime and having fun is just as important for your mental health as success, as long as you maintain a balance.

16. Parental figures come in many forms, you may find that you gain about 12.

17. Never let fear stand in the way of fun – standing on the sidelines watching people live their lives is so much worse than the anxious feeling in your stomach.

18. Hobbies are a good thing

Becoming a TV riddled zombie that sits for 8 hours watching something they’re not even interested in is not.

19. Your health is worth spending money on

When I was younger I remember being annoyed that I had to start paying for cough medicine, plasters and vapour rub. I guess when you’re 18 years old and all you care about is high waisted jeans and cigarettes, being healthy can seem like a burden.

20. Being “Cool” isn’t cool

I like to think everyone worried about being SUPER COOL when they were younger – I look back and I’m pretty sure it consumed my every thought. It wasn’t until I was far too old for it not to be embarrassing that I realised that trying to be cool is the least cool thing you can do. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I realised I’m actually really cool naturally, so I just stopped trying y’know.

21. Everyone grows hair and poops.

This is something that haunted my every moment whilst growing up, in fact I’m still not really too comfortable writing about it now. I remember trying to cover my leg hair and thinking I’d actually die if anyone ever knew that I pooped. THANK GOD I realised that neither of these things matter. Everyone is a bit gross, so the fact that I’m a complete minger is okay.

22. You’ll always find it hard to take your own advice

I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to listen to what I say to all of my friends – I like to think I’m quite good at the ol’ advice giving, yet I still get myself into stupid situations, silly fights and awful subscription services. I guess it’s easier to think clearly if you’re looking from the outside.


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