Everything is going to be okay (Surviving a Quarter-Life Crisis)

You’re 19 years old – you’re dancing in a club, eating pizza for every meal and taking any step you can to avoid completing basic adult tasks. Then a horrific and awful day comes, you wake up and everything is blurry – there’s an 80% chance that a small animal has died in your mouth or at least it feels that way. There’s a pain in what was once your good knee. You’re suddenly hit with the terrifying realisation – you are 20 years old. Without warning, bills fly through your window whilst you cry over the fear of never succeeding and your mother starts questioning when she’ll have grandchildren – the glory days are over.

Okay fine, maybe I’m exaggerating but I stand by the fact that there are days that being in your twenties feels like a cruel game that you never asked to play.

I thought that I’d write down the strange mantras I tell myself on days that I’m convinced are the end of the world. Maybe I’m the only person that thinks this decade is bloody tough – but if you’re like me, then I hope you find some comfort in this post and the fact that no-one has any bloody idea what they’re doing either.


  1. Don’t Worry that you’re not far ahead enough,

    Success is a process that takes time and a lot of effort. You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you’re not doing your dream job whilst at a starting point in your career.

  2. Be a Kid!

    Nostalgia is a wonderful yet dangerous thing, I constantly find myself reminiscing of a time when my only worry was where my next bar of chocolate would come from. (A worry that has never really ended.) The thing is, nothing has really changed; we have the power to be kids again, the world is a playground, have some fun!

  3. Think back to the glorious days of Teenage Angst,

    Whenever I’m having a bad day I like to think back to when I was 14 years old, obsessed with My Chemical Romance and convinced that life was a difficult and impossible process in which I was a constant victim. Of course I realise now that I am an idiot but it still gives some comfort that I have come so far since then, I no longer think that “Chavs” are the worst thing in the world and now I only listen to My Chemical Romance semi-ironically. Improvements.

  4. Get off Social Media,

    I don’t know about you but I personally spend far too much time looking at the lives of others online. Constantly looking at edited and strategically planned images of other people is obviously going to get you down – get off your phone. Go outside and stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

  5. Don’t forget your roots,

    Your family and close friends will be the ones that get you through the worst days. Sometimes all you need is to go home and drink loads of tea.

  6. Look at a Motivational Poster every once in a while,

    Take a leaf out of Barney’s book!

  7. Give yourself some credit,

    Being a human is hard; you’re responsible for feeding and watering a being. The fact you’re still around is an achievement – you go Glen Coco!

  8. Get a journal,

    I know it seems cheesy but it can be really refreshing to write down everything that crosses your mind. If it worked for Bridget, it can work for you!

  9. Read Harry Potter,

    I mean, if he can defeat Voldemort you can get a job in Marketing right?

  10. Believe cheesy clichés,

    Sometimes you just need to hear that life is short, everything happens for a reason and all of the other comforting things that mums always say.

  11. Pamper yourself,

    Have a bath. Watch 13 Going on 30. Wear some Fluffy Socks. Enjoy the little things.

  12. Remember that when things are really bad, there is always gin.

I know that right now everything seems really intense and you’re unsure what’s going to happen in the future or how to get to where you want to be but it will work out. I’m certain that you’re already in a position that you should be proud of and as long as you are surrounded by people that you love there is nothing more that you really need. The perfect job will come along, people that hurt you really aren’t worth your time and you will always have time to go and find yourself in Bali.

I know that this may be difficult to believe, but things will fall into place. Even if it’s not what you expected and you’re not lounging on a desert island with Tom Hardy, what you do end up with will be great. You’ll sit down in ten years, thinking of these years and laughing at how much you worried. Now put down the fourth glass of wine and stop sobbing – everything is going to be okay.

4 thoughts on “Everything is going to be okay (Surviving a Quarter-Life Crisis)

  1. This post speaks to me haha. I don’t know what it was about turning 20 but I just absolutely hated it. I still try to call it twenteen as much as possible! Seeing the brighter side at the moment though, I will be turning 21, then it will officially go down hill!

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