Things that you could be doing instead of scrolling through Social Media

I am a self-diagnosed Instagram addict. I just want to confess here and now that if I know you, I have stalked your Instagram account. I have been 80 weeks back into your life, I have hurried to unlike an image I’ve accidentally double tapped and then hoped that you would never mention it. Heck, even if I only know you through association – I know what breed of cat you own. Recently I had an experience of internet rehab in which I got through a month without the internet in my life. (You can read more about my gruelling time dealing with it here.) During this time I realised that it’s definitely not normal to spend two hours of your day scrolling through the lives of others so I compiled a list of things you could be doing instead.

  1. Exercise

    I am a firm believer in the uplifting power of exercise (not enough to actually do frequent exercise but that’s another story) and I really do feel as if moving around for even half an hour everyday will make you feel great. It’s a really simple and effective method of feeling better about yourself – especially after scrolling through images of incredibly attractive and toned humans for hours. AND it’s the perfect excuse to take all of the gym selfies. I mean you haven’t actually exercised unless you tell the world about it, everyone knows that.

  2. Book a Holiday!

    If you can’t beat them, join them. Fill your account with holiday spam to help with the pain of viewing a thousand holiday snaps throughout summer.

  3. Community Projects

    There are so many great things going on within communities all over the country and loads of associations that are always in need of supporters and extra help.

  1. Spend time with your Family and Friends

    Remember those people? The ones that you’re always seeing extreme close ups of on Snapchat? Go and see them, and put your phone away when you arrive! There’s so much joy to be found when sitting for hours talking about silly things with the people you love.

  1. Develop a Skill

    It really disheartens me to think of future generations and the zombie-like expression they will have whilst staring at their super cool and modern devices. My Nana could knit, sew, crochet and cross-stitch. She was pretty much an all round badass who didn’t need technology. All I’m saying is that if you spent enough time developing a skill, you could be an all round badass too.

  2. Garden


    This is definitely a cheat number because it totally counts as developing a skill (yes I will be mentioning hobbies later as well) but who hasn’t sat drinking a cup of tea and looking at the small patch of concrete at the back of their house wishing it was covered in flowers. And fruit trees. And a vegetable patch. With rabbits running frivolously around loving life. Maybe a few chickens and a friendly neighbourhood deer.

Basically I think we should all move to Surrey and subscribe to Amateur Gardening

  1. READ


    So many people I speak to –myself included- mention that they love to read but they have no time. I understand life is hectic but y’all sitting on Facebook all day. Put the phone down and pick up anything written by Nick Hornby, your day will improve tenfold. Fact.

  2. Use the Internet for Good!!

    Your phone and other devices can still be used with good intent. The thing I find strange is that we have more information than ever before and yet we use our tools to judge one another online. I’m sure the person that invented the internet didn’t work for years hoping that one day Tinder would be a thing.

  3. Eat Great Food

    Recently I’ve been looking for and trying out tons of new recipes. There is something so satisfying about spending an hour making food and of course the aftermath is fantastic. I have been focusing loads of my time into baking – and by baking I mean trying to find the easiest possible way to make cake. It’s not going great   so far but BOY it is fun.

    I NEED Ferrero Rocher Cake in my life.
    I NEED Ferrero Rocher Cake in my life.

    P.s, I tried to make an infamous mug cake and it looked nothing like the images. I did not feel very good afterwards.

  1. Study


    I know it’s not the most fun in the world but it’s worthwhile. The amount of difference it makes to do just one hour of work every day is shocking. Even if you’re not attending an educational establishment, you can still learn new things every day. I’m currently learning French again – and it’s going almost okay!

  1. Bathe
    I’ve discovered Pinterest…

    I am a strong believer in the medicinal power of ‘Me Time.’ Furthermore I think the best place to spend ‘Me Time’ is in the bath. Listening to Explosions in the Sky.

  1. Get a Hobby!

    Learn how to play the Clarinet, play Basketball! Remember all of the strange extra-curricular activities you used to do when you were younger – try and re-develop those skills. It’s healthy to put time and energy into something for nothing other than sheer enjoyment.

  1. Volunteer

    Volunteering even two hours of your time each week could be such a big help to people in need. There are so many charities looking for helpers every single day and it is so worthwhile.

‘Do it’ has a range of volunteering opportunities that even reflect individual interests. This website is host of so many different opportunities and can be tailored to a crazy extent so you are able to find something that fits your interests and skills perfectly.

It’s so natural and common for us to share our lives online and show people the aspects of ourselves that we wish to be seen. This is fine, until we’re sitting around for hours of the day obsessing over an image someone has posted or something that we’ve seen in a Facebook comment. So often we are relying on screens for entertainment and it’s no good! We need to put the devices down and open our new issues of Amateur Gardening – and then everyone will be happy and healthy (I hope.)

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