Yesterday marked the official ending of my time at University and entrance into the real world. Walking across a stage in front of hundreds of people (150 tops) felt like a strange ritual, a journey into adulthood. I turned to the woman next to me and practically begged she’d give me the power to teleport or just let me run away screaming. Naturally she said no and I was plunged onto the stage – a process that was actually a lot easier than I’d imagined. It was nothing more than a twenty second blur in which I stared manically at a complete stranger who has some significance within my University.


And that was that. The end of seventeen years of education.

It all seemed rather anti-climatic, my whole life I have been working towards something – making it to the next level of education and now I’m free to do whatever I wish. I don’t know what I expected when I got to this stage – most probably a sense of confidence about the future.







grad 2


Overall graduation was a really lovely day, I got to wear an uncomfortable yet very funky hat and see loads of the people I love. It felt great to celebrate the past three years of work and even better to know I wouldn’t have to write something academically for a very long time (if ever.)

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